Kuppaimeni leaves for removing unwanted curls?

I would like to know how to usethis leaves
for removing unwanted coat.

i have not hear this use of kuppameni - (hope u are referring the herb - a common shrub) used contained by
sidda medicine -

To remove fuzz use - the usual turmeric - mix the power in milk and chana dal power apply on effect area - when it dryes - rub it past its sell-by date

Bathing applying turmeric is also helpfull
i think that kuppaimeni leaves are not strng adequate to remove your unwanted hair conceivably from your upper lipbut not coarse hairs
nearby is no evidence, from this leaves to removing hair,but it is used to procure rid of scabies ,eczema,and some skin diseases,mix equal portion of turmeric(haldi) sea saline and leaves grind to a paste apply to the artificial parts leave for partially hour then pocket bath,adjectives the skin disease cures

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