Can you exercise while taking Ativan?

I have a few times.The singular thing you involve to concern youself is whther the dosage(milligrams 0.5, 1, 2) will make you drowsy.Obviously you dont want to be lifting weights when you are sleepy.Try taking a dose and see how out of it it make you.If it does make you too sleepy or sluggish, try breaking it within half.
There are no specific contraindications for exericise on the Ativan product insert.

However, adverse effects of the medication may include sedation, dizziness, poor standard, and unsteadiness. So, you may want to see how the medication effects you before you start or reinitiate an exercise routine - especially if it involves weights. Slight reduction in blood pressure may go down as well, so stop exercising if you consistency dizzy, and rest.
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You can and SHOULD exercise while taking ativan as it will most possible decrease your have need of for the Ativan because you will be getting natural stress nouns.
yeah, why not?
I use to take ativan for hysterics attacks, and of course you can exercise next to it! Personally I wouldnt because it made me really tired.

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