Strongest Herbal Tea To Calm And Put To Sleep?

ive used chamomile and sleepytime tea both even with 2 loads dont really give me the tired there anything stronger next to no bad side effects and no withdrawl symptoms any cause ive hear with unshakable herbs if you pinch it enough and in recent times stop you can have some withdrawl effects approaching with medication

There are some herbal tea preparations out there that combine the passionflower and kava kava mentioned above, and some preps also include skullcap, which is apparently another flower/herb that have relaxing and sleep-inducing qualities. Valerian is also an excellent odds, although I'm not sure if it's put in tea or basically in capsule. I know I've seen skullcap among the ingredients within tea, though.

I know what it's like to hold trouble sleeping, and to want to use natural remedies. Fortunately 2 lots of Sleepytime (my fave) generally work for me, unless my anxiety disorder is acting up. :( Anyhoo, pious luck to you! :) Also, don't forget to ask for advice surrounded by your fave health/natural foods store, like Whole Foods. Generally the human resources there are totally helpful going on for this type of thing!
passionflower tea
Kava Kava root.

Boil it within coconut milk and drink.

It relaxes your body
I second the Kava Kava
Not sure about any tea but milk can serve you fall asleep because of the iron and the lightly cooked material it is made up of.
You might consider melatonin. It's a crude sleep aid that promotes your body to produce its own melatonin a hormone that induces sleep. You can usually find it at the local pharmacies in the vitamin and mineral sector. About 3-5mg before bed for adults.

Do not give somebody a lift it if you are taking any other form of steroids, antidepressant, beta blockers or anti-anxiety meds of any kind.

It is considered pretty nontoxic.
The best I've ever had be a 'tea' made from just hibiscus flowers, picked fresh. Two or three plopped surrounded by boiling water, pilfer off the bake. Steep for ten-ish minutes. Drink. I was so stressed I couldn't sleep or drink, was surrounded by a strange country where I scarcely spoke the language and nobody I really know, didn't know how to get home really any. Long story. Anyway, I drank this tea and slept the soundest, best sleep I've ever had. Ever.

About withdrawl symptoms ... hold in mind that herbal remedies ARE medication in heaps cases. They often contain matching active ingredients, newly in a inbred form. Your body can't tell the difference. If you're taking an herbal remedy that's similar to a pharmaceutical, in good health, you can expect the same side effects.
Yogi Tea Bedtime Organic

Maybe I'm a lightweight, but this stuff knock me out. I've tried the ones you mentioned with one and the same results.

Also, I noticed the other morning that tryptophan is back on the flea market in the US. Expensive, but near that same after Thanksgiving Turkey feeling. :)

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