How is crystal meth made from pseudoephedrine allergy pills...?

I am confused here...I have hay hallucination allergies quite a bit, so I usually take over-the-counter pseudoephedrine allergy pills practically 3 or 4 times a time, and these pills make me SO sleepy. This is why I am confused about how crystal meth is manufactured from these pills, when crystal meth is a powerfully known stimulant, and these pills make me want to cart a nap every time I take them. So, exactly how is it manufactured from these pills, and surrounded by the manufacturing of the crystal meth, what is the chemistry breakdown change that cause it to become a stimulant, instead of a depressant? Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Answers:    meth is made by taking the pseudoephedrine from pills or nasal inhalers.the idea is to break the inhalers and run the cotton out or crushing the pills and combining with a mixture of 1 1/3 oz of water and 2/3 oz. of muriatic sour (hydrocloric acid) buy at hardware store as driveway cleaner...

u mix this with the pills or cotton and u knead it and shake it in a closed jar for just about 8 minutes...then u filter the solution 5 times and what u have vanished is the free base for that the pseudoephedrine is combined beside the HCL, u fill 1/3 of a glass bottle beside the solution and fill the rest with ether ( drain cleaner) u shake it until it become hot and cloudy let it settle and with an eyedropper remove the top covering and save it...throw the rest a bottle combine th etop covering u saved and 10 drops of hcl and water shake it for 2 minutes presently u have the hcl freebase and water mixture..u put it within a glass pyrex bowl and set it on top of a river heater for 2-3 days so the water evaporates and what u own left crystal...u can lso cook on stove low heat.
the point meth makes u hyper is because it is usually cut with embalm fluid(morgue) and rat poison...sometimes powder sometimes all purpose flour...depends on the dealer and the load...
if u ask me it is all poison and no good...i niggardly the ingredients are lethal...

drugs get you nowhere suggestion: don't do them...

i ended up overdosing off heroin contained by an alley in east LA...they told me i be blue and full of vomit...i was convulsing...i was 20...

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It's taking the psuedoephedrine molecule, which have some structural similarites to methamphetamine and putting it through some chemical alterations. Think of it as using an existing framework where the basic shape is right, but you hold to add a few bits here and remove a few bits there to bring back the shape you want.

What might be making you sleepy is something else in the allergy pill. Allergy pills often enjoy antihistimines in them which is what makes you sleepy.

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it's the other stuff within the pill causing the drowsy effect. Now i know you didnt ask but... 100mg of Pseudoephedrine with coffee (caffiene is required... I don`t know 100...200mg) will give a very nice pick me up... might want to start at lower doses though. Don't verbs, it's nothing like meth, the modification done to meth make it FAR more potent.

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