Dry Mouth and Sticky White Substance in MOUTH?

I have bleeding gums and when i get up in the morning I have blood in the spit. I went to dentist and he asked me to use Periogaurd.

In the morning I am experiencing dry mouth. and some white sticky substance inside the mouth ie on the inner cheeks and gums (not on the tounge).

These look like symptoms of oral thrush (dry mouth and white sticky substance)

my friend said its just the mouth is shedding, but on internet i found that body creates that naturally in mucus areas to keep away bacteria?

please need expert advice and people with experience in DENTAL area.

Also I had a low risk sex experience (went down on a woman for 2 minutes) two months ago and scared that bleeding gums (gingivitis) is a symptom or condition of HIV. she dint ejaculate and i dint have any open sores in my mouth

Please help me to keep my mind at peace.

After one month of this low risk exposrue i got tested for HIV with negative (Orasure)

This is what it sounds like to me:
The bleeding gums could be Gingivitis.
Waking up the the morning with a dry mouth...you could be sleeping with your mouth open.
The white sticky substance could be plaque inside your mouth, causing the ginvitits.
The spit in our mouths helps to partially wash off the plaque: so when you sleep with your mouth open, that evaporates the spit, and gives the plaque a chance to really stick to your teeth and cause the gum bleeding.
Maybe your nasal passages are obstructed, making you mouth-breathe at night.
Ask your dentist if Biotene mouth rinse at night may be right for you. It helps moisturize the mouth.
I hope this helps.

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