Why do I drool so much contained by my sleep?

I was wondering why I drool so much within my sleep. Lately, especially while I am dreaming, I have awakened surrounded by my bed with my pillow covered near my drool. I was wondering if this have something to do with me getting my tooth (31 molar) pulled final month. Somebody help me?!

hmm... thinking bout that someone special? kid.

"Drooling in sleep may go on for many reason including posture, illness and dental issues."

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I don't know about the tooth, but if the drooling started after you pulled it, probably there is a nouns and you should talk to the dentist. Also, ypu inevitability to consider the following:
do you feel you produce more saliva than common during the day? If not, later the drooling in your sleep is probably not excessive any, but it gets out of your mouth because you sleep near your mouth open. It happen to me too when I am too tired and sleep very robust. Is it possible that the absence of your tooth have led you to maintain your mouth open during your sleep? I am sorry I can't assistance any more, but if you have a lighter sleep I am sure you will control it better, so it routine you sleep deep and this is right for relaxing!
If you are missing a tooth, the spit is going somewhere to get out. Plus you could close your mouth too.
Maybe you dream more or less something that makes you drool? HEHEeheheh ! :)))

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