Hard bump on side of my cheek/jaw bone?

Ok, here is a question for you guys…I’m just coming back from my dentist. I went there because I developed this hard bump (as hard as a bone) on the side of my left (right for observer) cheek/jaw bone. I had a wisdom tooth removal surgery on the lower tooth on the same side about 2 and half month ago. I basically had no swelling or major pain after the surgery and developed no blood cloths or anything like that. The heeling process was very short and painless. So when I got this bump, I went to the dentist and he said that it’s not related to the wisdom tooth removal and that he doesn’t know what it is and that I should go to an oral surgeon. I will go, I just wanted to see what some of you think about that? What can it be?

The bump may be an excess growth of bone. It is called a torus. They are common in many people. It might be more noticeable now since the extraction of the wisdom tooth.

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