Is your teeth made out of cartilage or is it a bone?

Teeth are made of bone.
They're bone... At least, I'm pretty sure they are.
Hi, it's me again.

Hold on. Let me help yourself to them out and I will read the lable.
Teeth have to be outstandingly hard to withstand adjectives the chewing and crunching of food. The hard things of the tooth is composed of calcium, phosphorus, and other mineral salts. The fabric in the majority of the tooth is call dentine. The hard, shiny level that you brush is called the enamel.

Teeth own two basic parts, a root to anchor the tooth to the chin and a crown above the gum line. The root is covered beside a hard substance called cementum. At the center of respectively tooth is an area next to nerves, arteries and veins call the dental pulp.
bone. Cartalige is soft, its in your ears and trunk.
Neither! Your ears and nose are cartilage, as are the "cushions" at the conclusion of your long bones. Your skeleton is bone, but teeth are a material new to themselves. They are the hardest substance in the body, and habitually the parts in the best condition when fossils are found. Teeth are covered near enamel, not like the paint, but a drastically hard substance.
Uhhm? Do you imply, "Are your teeth."?

Teeth are coated with enamel.
Actually teeth consist of three distinct layer. The inner part is backbone and blood supply. The next level is dentin. This is similar to bone, but it is not bone. It is formed by different cells, have a higher mineral content and is harder. The incredibly outer layer is call enamel and it is VERY hard when compared to bone. Enamel is the hardest tissue within the human body, consisting of over 95% mineral content.

Bone is actually totally soft when compared to teeth. If your teeth were made of bone or cartilage they would be worn down to little nub within a couple years of growing contained by.

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