Painful bump inside cheek?

my bottom right wisdom tooth is growing surrounded by (i do not need them removed my dentist told me that at hand is room in my mouth for them) and give or take a few 2 days after it started i started experiencing a lot of cramp. at first i thought it was the tooth growing contained by but then i discovered a small bump on my cheek right where on earth the tooth is coming in. i own put ambesol and tried other painkillers but they do not work. i know thati have not bitten the inside of my cheek. the bump is not white only just the same color as the inside of my cheek. it hurts to devour and it hurts when i put my tounge on it. any idea what this could be? and how to go and get rid of it?

Answers:    It could just be the irritation of the tooth rubbing against the inside of your cheek as the first poster responded. There wasn't anything to rub against that portion of your cheek before, so I bet that's the culprit.

However, if this have been going on for days though, emphatically visit a doctor. Parotid glands are located within the upper part of respectively cheek, close to the ear. The duct of each parotid gland empty onto the inside of the cheek, near the pay for teeth of the upper jaw. It might be an infection.

Try a saline solution to rinse out your mouth but really, positively see a doctor!
It could be just irritated from your tooth coming contained by, my wisdom tooth come in for a time crooked and rubbed my gum raw.

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