Can I use bactrim antibiotic for a tooth infection?

Can I use bactrim antibiotic for a tooth infection or penicillin for a bladder infection. Basically I had a tooth infection but its gone in a minute, I have a bladder infection. I hold run out of one antibiotic but have profusely of the other. So in the interim, can I use any and would they be equally effective?

and yes I realize I enjoy to replace good germs in the gut explicitly lost when taking antibiotics, so I am taking acidophilus too.

Bactrim is not the best choice for oral infections, but it will help for a time bit. If you just can't bring back to the dentist, at least it wouldn't hurt anything to try.
Usually sulfa drugs are used for bladder infections. Bactrim is used to treat infections such as urinary tract infections, bronchitis, ear infections (otitis), traveler's diarrhea, and bacterial infections. So it wouldnt do any correct to mix and match really. Pennicillin really will not back it.
Not a good perception. Try rinsing your mouth with peroxide commonly, or use a decent mouth purify frequently to kill the infectious germs, and bring back it down into the affected nouns with your tooth brush or floss. You can also use a milder peroxide for oral use to be exact suspended in glisterine, found surrounded by the oral care fragment. You can apply a few drops of that onto the affected nouns and let it fizz up since rinsing and re-applying it. If the infection doesn't subside in a daylight or so, see a dentist.

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