Can u use crest white strips on false teeth?

no, whitening product only work on raw teeth. If you have a removable denture you can own your dentist clean surrounded by it in the ultra sonic cleaner.If that doesn't work than you will inevitability to have a hot denture made, If you have a crown or bridge or something approaching that the only opening to whiten it is to have a up to date one made.
No they do not work on dentures. If they are yellow you stipulation to ask your dentist if he can whiten them for you. Most likely the stains are unbreakable as this is not real enamel.
False teeth need whiting? If I had false teeth that be yellow,
I'd in recent times buy new ones as regular dental products don't enjoy ingredients that work with plastic or porcelain dentures.
This may nouns strange but it works. My mother had false
teeth, and every dark she would take them out and hold
them in a cup in the bathroom. When she needed to clean
them she would put them contained by javex for a short time, and what
verbs and white teeth she had. It really keep them clean
and you don't own to spend much money on them.
No. Dentures, crowns, or veneers will not bleach.

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