Medical exemption card?

I have a medical exemption card for prescriptions does this expect i can claim anything on dental treatment ?

For dental work you can get a HC2 or HC3 form from your doc or dentist to oblige cover costs !
No, because the government isn't that considerate. They will say you can use this to that for solely a certain amount of money. Uncle Sam isn't nice because uncle sam be so nice to people that he is within trillions of dollars in debt.
Hi, no sorry it merely applies to prescriptions. If you're on means-tested benefits (like Income Support) you'll get lend a hand with dental treatment but Medical Exemption alone does not qualify you for relief with dental treatment.

You can also apply to the NHS for support (sorry I cant remember the name of the form) if you're on a low income but otherwise you enjoy to pay.
Try this correlation to the Department of Health

You will also find information on how to claim if you are entitled to help near costs towards dental and optical fees.
If your exemption card only exempts you from prescriptions afterwards the answer is no you do not get free dental treatment.
To be entitled to free dental treatment you hold to have one of the following and merely these make you exempt:

-Aged underneath 18
-Aged 18 in full-time nurture
-Pregnant, or have have a baby within the 12 months before treatment starts
-An NHS in-patient and the treatment is carried out by the hospital
-You are getting, or your partner get Income Support, income-based Jobseeker's Allowance or Pension Credit Guarantee Credityou are entitled to, or named on, a valid NHS tariff credit exemption certificateyou are named on a valid HC2 pass.If you are named on a valid HC3 licence you may be eligible for partial help next to dental costs.

If you think you qualify for free dental treatment please see below:
Use form HC1 to claim for full (HC2) or partial (HC3) assistance with NHS dental costs. HC1 forms are available from your Job meat Plus office or by calling 0845 8501166 or 08701 555 455.

Also get sure your dentist is charging you NHS rates they are as follows:

Band1 lb15.90 - Check up, x-rays, scale and polish
Band 2 lb43.60 - All of leash 1 plus fillings extractions etc
Band 3 lb194 - All of strip 1 + 2 plus crowns, bridges, and denture work.
Hope this is helpful.
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You can get hold of free dental treatment within idea. It will not cover you for cosmetic procedures such as: bleaching, veneers and implant. Fillings, crowns, scale and polish, dentures and other common procedures will be covered by the exemption card. Hope this helps.
There is no disease base exemption from dental charges. Depending on your income and circumstances you may however get relieve with dental charges for other reason.

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