Mouth grooves on the roof of mouth?

what are the groves at the roof of the mouth for? everyone has them, its resembling when you run your tongue over the roof, there are grooves. what are they for?

If you are conversation about the bumps aft your front teeth, they are called rugae and are skid bumps for your food. A definition from my dental hygiene primer - "palatal rugae- the irregular ridges in the mucous membrane covering the anterior cut of the hard palate" Totally typical! Hope that helps.
JAMRDH - a dental hygienist
It's a moment ago the cartilage/bone structure of the upper jaw. You're right - everyone have it.
They are called "rugae". They are mundane. These are places where your gums and mouth tissue connect to the bones within the roof of the mouth. Rugae help us guzzle our food and such!

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