How do I whiten my cap teeth?

My teeth are capped, by that I mingy all of my front teeth. I be in a vehicle accident when I be a younger and it knocked out my permenent teeth and in a minute my capped teeth are not as white as they used to be, I guess it's from coffe or something. Does anyone know any path to make them whiter (like conceivably peroxide, bleach or something) please help. Thank you

Actually the with the sole purpose way that you can whiten crowned teeth (capped) is to take them replaced. You can try baking soda to see if some of the stain will come off, however this probable will not help much. As we acquire older our inherent teeth stain, as well as our crowns etc. However beside natural teeth we can whiten them but near is no method yet that will remove the colour non-natural teeth. So for people that enjoy anterior veneers or crowns this is basically one of the things that you have to live near unless you plan to have them replaced at some point which is expensive. I would try to lay rotten of the dark drinks first to hopefully keep them from getting dark. Ask your dentist what your options are. Best of luck. Sorry.
i truly don't think you can bleach cap teeth. i think you might enjoy to get cosmetic surgery to completely recap them.
You can't bleach crowns, because they are made of porcelain, the whitening process doesn't work on them. Talk to you dentist and they may be capable of replace or veneer the front teeth, that is really your with the sole purpose chance at getting them whiter.
obtain a cleaning so they can polish em up. but it wont help. best bet is obtain them replaced.

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