My teeth hurt when I eat/drink cold things?

I couple fillings a couple of years ago on my vanished side and afterwards my teeth hurts like hell when I eat cold things. Why does this come up.
Also, the dentist said that i had 11 cavities that needed wadding, 6 on left, 5 on right, but when another dentist checked my teeth, she said there be only a couple of minor cavities on my right side that needed nourishing.

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Answers:    Cavities are subjective. Two different dentists can and will see differences which one will call a cavity and the other will not. There is a point though, when the cavity is large satisfactory to be clearly identified. Teeth are sensitive to hot or cold through two methods, exposed nerves and conduction. Nerve tissue can be exposed near the gum because of disease and bacteria bustle or through cavities in the enamel surface.. Make sure specifically not the cause before doing anything else. Follow the guidance of your dentist for care of your teeth and gums. The something else you can try is toothpaste for sensitive teeth. My teeth suffer from this, with .cold liquid. I use the desensitizing toothpaste 2 or 3 days a week (roughly 1/3rd of the total numkber of times I brush my teeth.) and regular toothpaste the rest of the time and it keeps my sensitivity under control. Desensitizing toothpaste is relatively expensive than regular brands which is why I do not use it adjectives the time. I brush my teeth at least 5 times a day, when I rouse, after each meal and until that time bedtime and then sometimes I add mid morning or mid afternoon merely because it makes me feel better for some abnormal reason.

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Your teeth hurt because your nerves are sensitive to extreme temperatures (your grain it most with cold things, but the same can ensue for hot). Part of it can be due to the fact that you have cavity that need filling (as this can directly expose the gall in your teeth to the cold/heat) but it could also be that you have sensitive teeth.
Try drinking through a straw and avoid iceblocks until you own the cavities filled. The first poster is correct. You can also try using Sensodyne toothpaste.

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It could be that the teeth you have filled are not adjusted right. When you hold your teeth filled, it changes the course you bite down if the filling hasn't been in step properly. You can tell if the bite is too high on the innards if when you bite down you hit the new fillings first. It's close to getting punched in the same spot over and over again, it will create a bruise right? When you bite down and the innards is too high, it is creating a sort of bruise to your tooth and you may have to turn back to have it used to.
As for the dentist's difference in opinion, it isn't necessarily true that you own 11 cavities, some dentists choose to replace old filling that are pulling away from the tooth surface or it could be that the filling is cracked, you can have filling replaced after so many years and some dentist take profit of this to replace your existing fillings. The other dentist thinking differently, only required to repair the teeth that definately needed it. I hope this helped

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