Tooth abscess but can't afford dentist..?

Please help, I'm freaking out because my friend said I could die from this..

I don't have satisfactory money to go to the dentist, and my mom wont take me near for this reason..every time I mention it she gets adjectives mad and says something close to "yeah, I know. my teeth are bad too, but you learn to treaty with it."

It's really painful gum is adjectives swelled up and I can't even eat on that side of my mouth.. if I brush the spot thats abscessed will it help to receive it go away? Will it help maintain it from getting worse? Is there anything I can buy over the counter that will help and isn't expensive? How long does it whip for people to die from this? Can abscessed teeth still be saved, or do they enjoy to be pulled?

I did research and theres no dentist schools near is near nothing I can do? Just leave it?.. Help?

Answers:    You can't depart from this, and your friend is right, you can absolutely die from a dental abscess spreading to your brain.

You have to bring another adult to help you: your advisor, your friend's mom, your dad or another relative. Explain to them that you're within AGONY--the pain is just terrible--and you can't concentrate surrounded by school and you can't sleep, and your mom will not take you to a dentist no thing what. The school counselor or nurse may be able to back you figure out if you qualify for aid from your state or county. It's child neglect/child abuse not to get hold of you appropriate medical care. Look in your Yellow Pages, even, to find a dentist who will rob payments if money's an issue with your mother. You may need a root conduit, which means that your tooth won't need to be pulled. You don't want to verbs a tooth--otherwise the nearby teeth will move and then your bite will capture screwed up. Does your mom get child support for you from your dad? Are you on your dad's health insurance? You call for to be persistent about getting assist, and if you get someone at your school to sustain you then they'll check to make sure you get to the dentist. There is no excuse for this. I'd keep doing warm saline water rinses to make your gums smaller quantity sore but this is not a permanent fix, and nothing from the drugstore will fix this. Your mother have to get up off her rump and do her mission. Keep stressing to your school principal that it's interfering with academy because you're in too much pain. And if that doesn't work, after ask your friend's mom if she won't call Child Protective Services on your behalf (or you can do it yourself). You can do this--be brave and ask for help as habitually as you need to until you get to a dentist. If your mother get mad, tell her you asked for her lend a hand and she blew you off, and you couldn't understand why she didn't effort about you.

You have a well-mannered friend, and I bet her mom is nice too. I'm sure they'd help you. Dental pain is newly awful, I don't know how you've stood it this long. Be persistent, and good luck! I will keep hold of you in my thoughts, sweetheart :-) (and if your mom wants your painkillers transmit her to forget it!)
Sweetheart, abscessed teeth are NO fun and they don't get better on their own, you need antibiotics, if indeed it is infected. For presently, take ibuprofen {if able} for the pain, brush as you usually would, then follow by rinsing with reheat, salt water. Also, converse to your mother again and be respectful, yet insistant that this isnt a plain ole toothache that will eventually subside and you need some medical watchfulness. Even a doctor could help by perscribing the appropriate meds for infection.

Hang in at hand.

You cannot die from tooth abscess. You should try to brush your tooth after every meal and use some additional products for cleaning, as mouthwash. There are also some medical gel or similar products that can be applied locally. Do not brush the spot with force, because there can be more bumpy.

Abscessed teeth can be salved, but try to get the money to move about to a dentist for proper help, because nobody should suffer that pain.
Take the support. Brush your teeth 3 times a day, use teeth cord once a day, bring back a mouth wash and use it every day. Mouth rinse out will take all sort of pain out of your mouth.

For the abscessed get over the counter, "Miel Rosada", is "Pink Honey" it is cheap and it works. I use it whenever I necessitate it. Use it and you will see the result. And please, do not believe what was said by your friend. Safe money and get your teeth fix whenever you can.

God bless you.
not sure if you can die from it...but if you draw from a bad enough infection anywhere on your body you can die.not really adjectives. anyway, lots of dentists offer payment plans and work near you as long as you make your payments each month. you can also unequivocal a care credit account and nouns your dental work...but you have to do that through care credit and it's individual used at certain dentists. People Die from Tooth abscesses adjectives the time. However, very rarely the young at heart and healthy. Usually the old and the already vague.

Penicillin is the way to go. Unfortunately the Emergency Room is your best hope. The benign and compassionate Govt. would rather pay $800 to the ER contained by write offs than to pay a dentist to see you. Even if you are a minor, Go to the ER

A dentist most likely can't back you. I have the same problem and finally go to the dentist and they just did an x-ray and told me what i already knew and give me some amoxicillin and then refered me to an oral surgeon. So if your like me and own medical and not dental I'd go to the doctor's office. You can rinse your mouth w/Peroxide several times a time...but I would go for the antibiotic. An infection in a tooth can assassinate you. I knew of a man who had it and even tho he go to the dentist, the infection went to the lining around his heart and kill him.
You can go to the emergency room and get penicillin it will return with rid of the Abcess! I get them all the time, and the penicillin works wonders. You'll be alright sweetie, merely get your butt to the ER ASAP! It's basically only an infection So sorry - you must be living in the States. A country where profit is more impressive than peoples health.

Oh, feel so sorry for you


I a moment ago asked my Mum who was in a similar situation end year and she told me to tell you to go to the Doctor (if you can afford that also) and explain truthfully to the Dr your situation.

(eg) That you're contained by alot of pain, simply cannot afford to go to the Dentist and ask for some antibiotics please.

Mum have a kind Dr and this worked - she was pain-free for months and be able to save up and eventually carry to the Dentist and have the tooth seen to.

Apparently, the Dentist will convey you the same thing and will prescribe antibiotics (but pricier!) and he may be reluctant to treat your absess as it is.

Also, I'd recommend buying some PURE Essential Oil of Tea Tree (can be sourced from some chemists, drug stores or pure health food stores) and apply some neat to your absess next to a cotton bud.

Granted, the taste is a little strong but will work to clear up your infection somewhat.

Tea tree grease is a great natural antibiotic, antiseptic and antifungal :-) Tea Tree Oil is one of the very few Essential Oils that can be applied well turned-out to the body without the need for dilution.

All The Best, Take Care of Yourself & We Both Hope You're Feeling Better Soon

xx :-)
where on earth do you live? if you are somewhat close.go to mexico. 60% of the dentists down there are american and it is 1/4 of the price you will earnings in the US. you will most likely obligation to get a root canal and a crown, or enjoy the tooth extracted. if mexico is too far and the tooth is towards the back and you can't really see it, you may just want to own it pulled. $150-250 (i think) as oppossed to $2000 for a root canal and crown..big difference.

in the be set to time, rinse with hydrogen peroxide (it says right on the sign that one of the uses for it is as a mouthwash). it may not taste great but it will kill the microbes.
well i'm afraid that abscessed teeth mostly have to be pulled..and certainly even brushing your teeth in this stage won't do any good that's result in the abscess is already formed can take antibiotics and pain killer and hope for the best ..anyway you can't die from tooth abscess and besides maybe it's not an abscess after all and its only an acute inflammation that will be treated by anti-inflammatory drugs.. hope you feel better soon :) Oh wow hun I am so sorry. My husband had an abscessed tooth and he be in such a state of unbearable distress. It's a long process and he never had the insurance either. To put it bluntly, if you're anything resembling he was, money is no option. Get to the oral surgeon asap. Your friend is unambiguously wrong. You cannot die from it, but the pain can end up excruciating but for taking precaution. I did a lot of research when my husband went through this. If you own any clove oil, that can help. Add a couple of drops onto the hole or injured spot. Or you can suck on a purse of tea. Once you start ripping through the bag, throw it away. I don't think there's any flavor within particular what to use or not use. He also found it helpful to chew on food on duplicate side, only to get some crumbs into the hole to stop it temporarily from hurting. Don't munch through thin foods, like bacon. It make you close your mouth further to bite lower, if that makes sense. Also, he is a smoker, and sucking on the cigarette helped verbs some tension from the tooth. Take plenty of Tylenol or ibuprofen, but DO NOT overdose (he ended up doing that because he be in so much pain that he almost have pancreatitus). Call your local dentist and more than likely they will refer you to an oral surgeon to get it pulled. There is no sure process of saving the tooth. Getting it filled will be more of a hassle and an abscessed tooth is solitary rot. Call an oral surgeon and get an estimate of what it will cost to get it pulled. If you're lucky, it will be roughly $150 like my husband's was. Good luck. I've witnessed the twinge this can lead to. But do something soon.

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