I have a perma-indent on my stomach where my jeans sit, about right where my belly button is?

well, i have 2 kids and still have a lot of the baby belly left. I have like a permanent indent where my jeans sit, so it makes it hang over my jeans a little more. I have tried switching to a larger size over 6 months ago as I though they were too tight, and that is still not helping. I am also currently excersizing, but that does not seem to help it go down any. Another frustrating thing is that I had surgery when I was really little, so I have a really good sized scar about 3" above my indent. This scar reaches a little over half way across my stomach. Any suggestions or specific excersizes you can suggest? I still have my lower pouch too, but that almost seems smaller than the one above my belly button. HELP!

I have the same problem, and the best thing I've found (while I'm eating well and excersizing to loose more of the baby belly) is to go ahead and invest in some body shaping undergarments. I personally like a shaper made by a company called Squeem; but there are lots of them out there and it makes a world of difference just to create a smoother line so your clothes fit better. I look 20 pounds lighter with this thing on.

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