Can cows milk produce sinus problems?

Yes, dairy produce can cause a build up of mucus. I would any cut down or use rice milk, which has calcium and is fat-free.
Strangely ample, dairy products feed microbes. So any bacteria that resides contained by the nose, throat and lungs are getting a extensive meal.

I suggest steering clear of certain dairy products until you can be sure that its not that.
dunno, never tried snorting it.
my doctor told me that milk CAN lead to these kinds of problems, including build up of phlem and alot of coughing...i guess its differnet depending on how ur body react
yeah if ur lactoes intollerent
Milk products seem to rationale all sotrs of irritations contained by the respiratory tract, including chronic sinusitis.
Assuming that you are no longer a calf, do without them for a while & see if it make a difference.
dairy products of any sort cause mucus
Milk or cream products be paid the mucus in the sinuses thicker, for this reason causing more congestion. So yes it can produce a problem if you are stuffed up already.
The dairy products only bother peaple because of adjectives the processing.
Clean healthy lightly cooked milk will cure sinus problems.
milk can cause a buildup surrounded by mucus... you could try soy milk or even goats milk.
Yes it can exacerbate allergic symptoms. They tell singers up to that time a performance not to drink or drink dairy (cheese, milk) because it does swell your throat a little, allergies or not.

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