What are blisters on the lungs?

I was surrounded by ER for chest pain and shortness of breath. After getting a chest CT the doctor informed me that my lungs be in "massively bad shape" and that I have "blisters" on my lungs" for 23 years of smoking. I quit last week, I guess too behind schedule. I was surrounded by shock and didn't ask any questions, in a minute I'm trying to look up information on the internet. All searches for "lung blisters" are late ends. The doctor was a visit doctor and my family doctor is on time off. Someone please point me in the right direction.

Stop smoking
try looking for "blebs" contained by some of the medical sites...thats what theyre called...usually associated near emphysema or COPD.
i don't know what they are but you can go to this website webmd.com and you can shift the the symptom checker at top right of the home page, that should help you.
The Doc probably said 'Blebs', not blisters. Blebs are half-hearted spots on the lungs...like a meagre spot on an inner tube..it's weak, bulges somewhat which makes it a thinner surface.
Blebs can 'pop' which will generate your lung collapse.
You shouldn't do any heavy lifting or immense physical work because your breathing will become labored and put more stress on those 'Blebs'.

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