What cause the hair on your arms to stand up?

either you are cold or if you are within a thunderstorm you are about to be struck by lightning.
When I am cold.
while i be a little child, my bigs usually influence when a ghost pass around you, hairs on the body stands up. don't know if it works or its true.
The cold and if it consider about creepy things resembling insects and ghosts etc.
2 things. cold or fright. they are both reflex for when we had more pelt, designed to keep us furnace or look bigger respectively. try scaring your cat - it does duplicate thing. don't put it contained by the freezer to test the cold reflex, because you will probably basically trigger the fright reflex.
Whether from emotion or environment, the hair stand up on your arms because there is a tiny muscle attached to the fuzz follicle called the arrector pili. Some ethnic group believe that ghosts or spirits mete out it, but at least this is the methodical definition.
Having witnessed my wife, soaking her feet contained by a bowl of water whilst sitting beneath an Electric 'Hair-Dryer' !
"To her surprise did do the hairs on her arms to Stand-Up".
Hair standing on cease in nonspecific is part of the ancient fright, flight mechanism that we retain from our animal origins. When face with something fearsome our hearts overpower faster we get sweaty, prepared to run. Our hair/fur stands on end to puff us up and receive us appear larger and frighten the enemy away. Of course is in a minute a wasted response.
I should dream of fear of the unknow or purely pure fear!!!
erector pilli muscles on the train of the hair follicle trap nouns when we get cold to construct the hair stand on finishing to warm the body up again

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