What are the balck spots that shows up on x-rays?

I had some x-rays done of my chest and my ribs and I notice when I got home that nearby is black spots on them and I was wondering what they could be. Someone told me possible nouns pockets or something but there is alot of them and I didnt know what this might be.

When looking at the lungs, its the white spots that should be looked closely at. Air surrounded by the lungs shows as dark areas and is reasonably normal. Let the Rads diagnose the metaphors as they have the training and experience to do so. Don't verbs about it.
Black spots is a tenuous description.
Air does show up black on X-RAYS in the lungs, stomach and within the bowel.

Also sometimes the process of developing the films can leave some spots on the films. .These are confidently recognized by a professional but I could see it effortlessly confusing the lay person.
Also if you own the X-Rays with you probability are they are copies which aren't as good part as the originals.

Don't verbs and quit trying to read your own films you'll only upset yourself..
When looking at X-ray similes, you have to reflect of them like a "negative" of a photograph. Things that show up night or black are things that the Xrays penetrated through, or in other words, things that are not dense, such as nouns. Things that are lighter or white in color are tissues that own density, such as bone, muscle, or fat. The more dense a tissue is, the whiter it looks, so bone is really white on an x-ray, while muscle tissues show up gray.
When you have your chest and ribs imaged, the technologist probably told you to "take contained by a deep breath and hold it." This full up your lungs up with nouns, which would show up as black areas on the X-ray. The overall black portion of a chest image is the lung grazing land. Inside the lung field, you will see "lung markings," which are the tissues of the lungs themselves, through which the atmosphere passes as it is used by the body. Lung markings are the lighter areas of lines or patch that should appear, from the frontal view, sort of symmetrical on respectively side of the spine, inside the lung field. Also within the lung field, you will consideration horizontal lighter lines, which represent your ribs. The radiologist who reads your similes can tell profoundly about your strength by looking at your chest x-ray. They can measure your heart size, see your aorta and greater chest vessel, check for pneumonia and bronchitis (plus a whole host of other chest diseases), and even see signs of lung or bone cancer. They can also see the curvature of your thoracic spine, check for broken ribs, and possibly even see food and air within your stomach. The chest x-ray, when performed properly, can be one of the most forceful diagnostic tests a physician can charge.
If you have worries nearly your images that be not addressed by the doctor who ordered the question paper, you should follow up with your doctor after the radiologist have had a fate to read the images and dispatch a report to the doctor's office.
Good luck and Feel better!!
,happen to me to and i asked the radiologist she said it was gas, i thought it be something bad so i in recent times had to ask

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