Can ants crawl into your trunk or ears and do any wreckage?

I just want to know because I own these small almost invisible ants crawling around wherever I usually chomp through. Sometimes I eat while at my computer, so they followed me to my desk. I've also hear stories about spiders crawling into a lady's feeler while she was sleeping, and it LAID EGGS IN HER NOSE?? Is that even possible, wouldn't the spider die if it found its path into your nose or ear? Appreciate any back on this one.

Yes they can. The noses organic thing to do if something get in in that is to run . So you'll expect large amounts of mucous. (it tries to rinse out itself out) As for the ears.anything can crawl in in attendance. I've once seen a lenient with a tick inside his ear. It attached itself to the eardrum. The poor soul waited by the door of our clinic for 2 hours till it open.
I had a immensely small ant crawl in my ear once as I be laying by the pool. Let me give an account you, that sucker hurt! I flushed it out with the garden hose, and no irretrievable damage be done, but I would not want to let that develop again.

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