How long does Conjunctivitis germs second on surfaces?

Hi, I want to know, How long does the Conjunctivitis bacteria last on surfaces, because a kid I babysit just have it and I want to know when it is safe to walk their house.

Listen, you should probably wait 14 days after the symptoms enjoy cleared up(with a notice from the doctor aphorism that the child is fine) and also this is important to sort sure that nobody else in their household have caught it.
Have the family disinfect adjectives surfaces(Lysol for hard dis-n-fetti for fabric) and spray the atmosphere with nouns purifier, air out and vacuum every 2 days until the 14 year stint is over. I am sure that they will have no problem doing this to prevent further infection surrounded by the family. All the best, I hope I help
conjunctivitis means inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye, it isn't other bacterial or viral, sometimes it's allergies that cause it. At any rate, if the child be treated and the conjunctivitis is gone, you have zilch to worry in the region of.
Here is my pink eye story.

I was delayed contained by a crowded airport for 8hours and got pink eye a couple days then. The following year I got out my fetch on luggage to prepare for another trip and got pink eye once again. I get out my bag for a third trip the following year and AGAIN get pink eye. I figured next that it wasn't just some coincidental entry so I disinfected my entire bag. That be 2 years ago and I never got pink eye after cleaning my purse.

I'm convinced that that conjunctivitis bug was on my convey luggage year after year.

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