I've heard kidney infection/disease can cause false positive for cocaine urine test. Where can i find proof ?

I was looking on the internet for what could cause a false positive on a urine drug test for cocaine. I found out that kidney infection or disease can cause it. I have had a kidney infection and an abcess on my kidney for 2 months. I tested positive for cocaine a few days ago and was so freaked out about it because I haven't even seen cocaine for over 6 years. I knew something had to have caused this false positive. I'm on a lot of medications but none were listed to cause false positive. One website listed the kidney infection but didn't elaborate. I wonder where I could find documentation on this.

What antibiotic are you on? Some antibiotics can also cause a false positive.
Best course of action? Simply show them that it is a common cause (print up the pages you were looking at) or this one:
and then ask for a re-test! (but wait until your infection clears). Your doctor can also be your ally in this issue as well, might want to ask him or her for a letter explaining your kidney situation. Good luck. Hope you get well soon.

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