Can you obtain an STD by trying on clothes at a clothing store?

are sexually transmitted diseases like lice?

In suggestion: Some persistent virus may remain dormant in clothes which have DIRECT CONTACT to its infection spots i.e. HSV.

In practice: NO SINGLE CASE like this be documented, and consequently, the odds of contracting an STI within a clothing store are extremely low down to zero.
Dont put together me laugh! of corse you cant. Only if you own unprotected sex
no/ not/ unless/ its fresh /DUH!/ then/ chances/ are/ slim/ to none

The only bearing to get an STD or as they are call now STI (sexually transmitted infection) is by have any form of INTERCOURSE.

This include anal,vaginal, or oral.

So, You can not get an STD or STI by trying on Clothes contained by a Clothes STORE!

SO keep on Trying on those clothes!

and trademark sure your sex is protected sex!
there is crabs but explicitly all. but hold on to your undies on at all times!!
In proposition, yes. But the garment (say, a pair of shorts) would entail to have be tried on by an STI-infected person who wasn't wearing underwear, depositing the microbes or virus onto the garment. Then you, without underwear, would try on the garment shortly afterwards. I don't feel any studies have be done on this, though! Still, always wear undergarments when trying on clothes.
Yeasts can. Lice can. Nothing else can.
No the likelihood are so great that you would stand a better chance of successful the lottery LOL

PS Unless you tried on soiled underwear of which is illegal to try anyway Doh!!!LOL

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