Can a UTI become toxic if untreated in a month?

Yes I know that it may be something severe but that is why I ask. I own my annual STD testing subsequent month. Would an UTI if untreated become worse within a month? Thanks within advance for the fully developed answers.

Yes, my aunt was a moment ago hospitalized for that reason. She have a UTI and did the home thing (cranberry liquid, AZO, water ) it go away (from what she thought) & caused adjectives sorts of problems. Tons of pain... Don't hang about till your appointment if it is a month away. Call & make appointment asap. I know I well-read a lesson from her mistake... I vow to NEVER do that again! :)
Good luck...
sure it can.i think
Yes!! That is not something you want to lurk on. Please see a doctor a.s.a.p. My friend had that develop and ended up near horrible mouth sores that broke open and pussed. She have to spend several days in the hospital because her throat and mouth be so swollen.
but where did you bring back it from
go to doc take anti biotics at least
Yes!!! depending on how aggresive the microbes is
if left untreated it could run up into your kidneys and cause a key problem, very rough, could require hospitalization.
Call your doctor. today. --c

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