Bad Claire's Ear Piercing?

I went and get my ears pierced at Claire's with a gun (Stupid, I know), when I know they were bleak. I wasn't too worried, because my sister has 4 on respectively ear and never had any problems, so I get two on each ear. The two on the right side are fine, but the back on the left ear are too close to eachother and I can't capture in nearby to clean them completely. Is here anything that I can soak my lobes in that will verbs them, because all I own is a cotton swab (which won't go inbetween) and some of that cleaning solution they give me.

I had a similar problem, getting my own ears pierced beside a thumbtack in the cartilage, and also get the gun in the lobes.

I found that simple rubbing alcohol worked authentic well, and if you enjoy a syringe you can squirt it all around the piercing (getting surrounded by all the crevices, and also inside of the hole if you verbs the earing a bit).
Also, being the idiot that I be, I used to take them out deeply right after I got them pierced. In doing so, I kept them verbs by soaking the actual earing in rubbing alcohol and lacking wiping it stale, put it directly in the piercing.

Hurt, but kept it from getting infected.

Good luck!
hydrogen peroxide within is nothing better for that open-handed of thing! Good luck!!

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