Dog bitten by rabid skunk?

If a dog who's rabies shots are up to date gets into a fracas with a rabid skunk. Can the rabies take on him and if he licks you or something? What precautions requirement to be taken?

Let the animal authorities know there is or be a rabid skunk out there, for one entity! Then, get your dog to the vet, as he could still return with another type of infection, from the bite! I'm sorry this happened.
Even though he have had his shot, you still inevitability to take him to the vet. The rabies enter his body via the should call the vet ASAP and see what they vote. They may even go on the communication and tell citizens to watch out, rabies is a impossible thing.
I agree beside "laurel g". You should be more concerned about other infections that can be transmitted by the skunk to your dog. Incidentally, do you know for a certainty that the skunk was rabid? You didn't mention an necropsy.
You obligation to let animal control know. They may quarantine him, but if you enjoy proof of his rabies vaccine, it shouldn't be for long. Rabies is carried through bodily fluids, including saliva. I would talk to animal control and next a doctor about what to do if the dog lick you after getting into a fight next to a skunk.

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