Looking for information on the virus bellsposy?

paralize of parts of the face

Try www.webmd.com for robustness related topics. For Bell's palsy, here's the direct link -

It is Bell's Palsy, and in that are lots of web sites that discuss this condition.
It's Bell's Palsy.

It's usually cause by a viral infection, but not necessarily of a specific virus. Essentially, a virus that you had an infection beside before (sometimes years before) become reactivated due to a decreased immune response. Many of these virus are found near courage fibers. (That's why a reactivation of Varicella, the chicken pox virus, causes a impetuous in a stripe, it's only where that guts is.)

In the case of Bell's Palsy, a virus reactivates on a facial resolve. Facial nerves send signals from the brain to the facial muscle, so the virus paralyzes the gall. In most cases it's temporary.
You might google Bell's Palsy. It's not necessarily a virus, it is explanation by damage to the brashness that controls your face. This can be cause by many different things, or nought in extraordinary. It is not permanent, and will make well on its own.

Here is a link to a correct website on it.

Good luck
Bell's palsy. google that.
Here you go.

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