Can you be allergic to flea bites?

my bf has 5 cats and when he get bit by fleas.. they're just little red spots. when i capture bit.. i get big bumps.. in recent times like if a mosquito have bitten me.. does that mean im allergic?.. if so. what can i do nearly them? i keep getting bit and it's really annoying. i own like 50 bites

Yes you can. Also fleas can get disease, just close to mosquitos. The plague, sometimes called the Black Death, is going around the Denver nouns right now and is carried by fleas. I'd recommend getting the cats and living quarters deflead. If your BF can't do that I'd find a modern BF, without cats.
I regard you can, but it depends upon your reaction to other substances and your elementary tolerance to stuff. Good luck.
Flea bite allergy is characterized by being a seasonal allergy that is to say worse during peak flea times contained by the summer and fall. Even within temperate areas or surrounded by cases with home infestations, the symptoms of flea bite allergies appear to worsen contained by the summer and fall. Dogs that hold flea allergies will bite at the base of their tail and gash frequently. The bite of a single flea can cause hours and days of intense itching. Many dogs own a characteristic loss or thinning of spike above the base of the tail. In enhancement, fleas or flea dirt (feces) can be found on the dog the majority of the time. The feces, or flea dirt will dissolve into a red color when moistened; this is because it is primarily digested blood. However, if the dog is bathed or treated regularly, very little evidence of fleas may be found. Severely artificial dogs may itch over their entire bodies, have generalized tresses loss, and red inflamed skin. Hot spots are often a result of flea bite allergies.

So, yes!
Sure you can. I muse over when a pet of ours had fleas years ago. I have never experienced a flea problem before. This pet like to sleep by my feet when I worked at my desk. I begin noticing itchy bumps on my legs, and we eventually figure out that this was a flea problem.

If a bite is cause redness and itching, that imply that histamine and other vasoactive chemicals are being released, and i.e. what happens next to a local allergic reaction.

You own several choices. The most logical choice would be to have the animals treated for the fleas and for them to wear flea collars, and to fumigate the premises. If the bf is not prepared to do this, you might be able to avoid the flea bites by wearing an insect repellant such as Off! spray.

However, I would suggest getting a different bf. I plan, really, a guy who owns five cats? That is just freakin' nuts.
yes you can be allergic to flea bites... he wishes to bomb his place to get rid of the fleas... and you should stay away from nearby until he does!
Sure. Some dogs and cats also are so allergic to their fleas that they lose their hair and own ugly red splotches where on earth the hair be.

But that's not the issue. Why does your boyfriend abuse his cats and his girlfriend and himself by letting his cats suffer beside fleas?

He needs to de-flea the cats and de-flea the house and funiture where on earth they otherwise live and drop eggs to hatch.
You are having an allergic recoil. Witch hazel or rubbing alcohol will take away the irritation for for a while while. Calidryl lotion will also help. If you are itchy and discomfited, take an antihistimine.

How much does your boyfriend really charge about you or his cats? It is not rock-hard to get fleas lower than control. Think it over.
Yeah you can. It's because they carry diseases, and they could affect you contained by many ways. You could go and get sick, or get allergies. And I come up with that you should do some things. 1.) You need to shift to a dermatologist right away to get you some drug. 2.) Get someone to inspect your house to see where the fleas are coming from, and how they can keep hold of them from coming back and for the existing ones to move about away.
I hope you feel much better! Good luck!!

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