What make vertical ridges and cracks on fingernails?

I have notice that my fingernails have vertical lines that sometimes show up as cracks. What could be cause this and what can I do about it?

Medication, dry nail, lack of vitamins E & B. Try Biotin, use staple cream to keep hand from being dry and use pin hardner that specifically works on splits, & cracks. I have vertical lines and I whip medication which over time has cause my nails to split & crack. Biotin & vitamins should work unless you pilfer meds that you will take for the rest of your existence, then if that's the covering forget about it...
Often it is a poor in proper diet (vitamins/minerals). Sometimes it is from medication. Check what you get through and what you are taking in the mode of medication. Then there are medical issues too, but I suggest you wish advice from a naturopath on that if adjectives else fails.
usually poor nutrition and doomed to failure nerves.
The vertical ridges could be from low vitamin and mineral intake or you could be biting your nails and your teeth could newly scratch the top of your nail causing them to be worn down and making those grotesque lines pop up. But if your hair is falling out later this could mean you do enjoy a vitamin deficiency because your nail and hair unsophisticatedly burn up the same types of vitamins and minerals.
This can also be from despoil to the nail bed, fungus, or other conditions.

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