Smelly Toenails??

if i dig beneath my big toe nails this white stuff comes out and it smells horrible and i shower day by day and everything!! how do i stop this

I'm not sure what your problem is but on Oprah's show there be a young woman whose feet stunk adjectives the time. Her room-mates couldn't stand it and she wore flip-flops with the hope that by airing her foot it would luck.
A doctor suggested she create a pitcher of tea like you would if you be going to make iced tea..she be told to soak her feet (not sure how long) but I would read out at least 1/2 hour respectively day. She be told to do this for a couple of weeks.when they contacted her several weeks later nearby was no more odor and she be one happy girl. Wouldn't hurt to try! Good luck.
respectively night /soak ft /and verbs in beneath toenails/do u not clean beneath fingernails/what ?do u think your fingernails /would smell like/ if u did not verbs /under them good luck/
Go to the doctor within has to be a cream or spray they can donate you for that its probley a foot fungus it can be treated
That sounds like a fungus below the toenail. Tea Tree Oil or Melaleuca are both good for this, Takes a while. But hold on to under the pin clean by removing the white stuff. You will find that a portion of the fastener is detached.. This should be cut away but not all at once and the grease applied under the remaining portion, I t will grow out and next more can be cut away. Apply the oil two or three times a time every day and be merciful.

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