When giving a continuous aerosol tx for 1hr, how would you divide the medication?

I am a resp therapist, we are disputing dosages of albuterol within a cont. nebulizer tx. What is the exact way to work out the dosage so that there is ample medication for the entire hour?

The dosage will be ordered by the doctor. He/she simply wont say, endow with a 1hr neb. The order will read something approaching "3 unit doses, Albuterol to be given over one hour" or "Albuterol neb X 3, continuous for one hour.

In that shield you would use a small volume neb, put two to three doses in, and run it on 6l/m. If you start beside 2 you will need to supply the third as you are going.

If you use a concentrated form of Albuterol, you add 0.5ml Albuterol to 2.5m/l to 4m/l saline for one dose. Then do equal as above.

This is how it is done in the ED I work contained by.
All the high volume nebulizers I've ever worked near will have an insert within the package which tell the amount of saline to use for dilution to have the treatment run for 1 hour, 2 hours, or anything is ordered. I'm most familiar next to the Hope high volume nebulizer. Our typical dose for treatments surrounded by the ER or ICU at St Louis University Hospital, were 15 & 0.5 (15 mg albuterol & 0.5 mg ipratropium) over 1 hour. You make a payment your active meds, next add saline to the recommended dosing on the box insert which will allow that mixture of medications and saline to nebulize over a 1 hour length (or whatever time frame is ordered). With the Hope nebulizer running at 10 lpm (compressed nouns or oxgen), the total volume of solution needed for 1 hour is 25 mL.

Your question certainly regarded calculating the medication... I'm assuming you are within the United States, and standard unit doses of albuterol contain 2.5 mg. Read your drug and equipment inserts.

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