Is have low blood platelets discouraging? I'm really worried!?

My cousin is a boy he's four years old. He have 6 blood platelets. The first time the doctors gave him blood, but when his platelets go down to 6 then they give gave him blood platletes. His platelets save going down. and the doctors don't know the cause. Does anyone know thye reflect on why his platelets are going down , and how dangerous it can be. Thank you

Hi, I'm really sorry going on for your cousin. I know how upsetting this is for your family.

Your cousin's body is any not making enough platelets or is destroying his platelets. Whatever the make happen, his problem is called a thrombocytopenia.

Have the symptoms be present for a long time? Were platelet counts ever found to be low in times past? Are there any other line members who might enjoy similar symptoms or thrombocytopenia?

If the answer to these questions is yes, the end in of thrombocytopenia may be an inherited fault in platelet production, to some extent than autoimmune disease. Inherited thrombocytopenias are due to mutations in specific genes that play an significant role during the development of platelets or the cell that make them, megakaryocytes. There are several forms of inherited thrombocytopenia, and adjectives of them are rare. This finances that physicians, even hematologists, will frequently mistake them for something else. Inherited thrombocytopenias are categorized by the pattern of inheritance, the size of the platelets, and whether or not within are other signs or symptoms that are part of a syndrome.

There are too tons genetic disorders that can cause this, so email me for a roll if you wish. Get him genetically tested. Other problems could be leukemia or destabilized bone marrow.

On the other hand, his body could be destroying his platelets too. This would be an autoimmune disorder. ITP, or idiopathic thrombocytopenia can be found within kids, and is somewhat rather adjectives, but docs would need to rule out everything beforehand they diagnosed him with this. Do you know if his mom ever have low platelets while she was pregnant beside him?

Did you mean that he literally have 6 platelets, or is it 6,000? In medicine closely of docs write 6 X 10^3 for platelet counts...but even if it were 6,000 that would still be low, so sorry. Docs verbs because platelets are found in the blood to give a hand you clot. So, if your little cousin accidentally cut himself with something sharp, he could potentially not stop bleeding, which is particularly serious.

I know I've given you a ton of info, so, in my medical judgment (but remember this is based sour a small amount of history you've given me), I would say ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenia) or leukemia. This would absolutely change if you guys hold a family history of low platelets...after I would say a genetic disorder for sure.
all right, it can be very dodgy. the doctors must investigate why the platelets are getting low - 'we don't know' isn't a good plenty answer.
I had this problem more or less six months ago and mine mysteriously went posterior to normal adjectives of the sudden but while I was worried and trying to numeral it out I was told potassium help and not to worry to much just about that but i was 27 so it might fluctuate for a six year old. But try more potassium.
Critically low platelets spread out the door to hemorrhage, so yes it can be a serious condition called thrombocytopenia. Platelets are one of the elements that help our blood clot and stop bleeding. Thrombocytopenia can be caused by low platelet production, an increase contained by the breakdown of platelets in the blood (intravsacular) or an increase within the breakdown of platelets in the liver or spleen (extravascular). There are several conditions that can exact thrombocytopenia and by far most are treatable. Until the underlying cause of his thrombocytopenia is determined, it can't be effectively treated. He may require intermittent platelet transfusions for the time being. I'm sure his doctors are working to find the rationale. You can help him by keeping his spirits up and helping him next to the fears and the boredom he must be feeling.

Please don't consent to any answers, like the one below mine, that mention cancer alarm you. There are several non-cancerous causes for this.
I own a friend whos' son was surrounded by a similar situation. Over the course of two months and many oodles visits to different doctors(mom wasnt rewarded so kept taking him to different ones) he was diagnosis near a rare form of cancer. Nueroblastoma, Maybe i misspelled it, close plenty. Cancer of the bone marrow. He passed away 3 years after being diagnosed. Bless his heart, he be 8 years old at this time. I yearning you the best of luck and the child is in my prayers. Low platelets could be various different things, let pray that it can be fixed and not be a life span threatning disease. Also have him tested for hemeophila, this disease is with the sole purpose found in males. Good luck and masses blessing. Tell mom to keep the pressure on the doctors and if they cant find anything transport him to another and another and another.
Low blood platelets is a bad condition. Platelets are what cause blood to clot when there is bleeding.

The doctors will hold to determine what is going on to cause the problem. I believe 150,000 is ordinary; I happen to enjoy only 60,000 immediately - caused by hepetitis C which I believe be caused by Vietnam service (I be only diagnosed near non-a non-b in 1991. The check wasn't out then for hep-c), although I have two operations as a child, but don't believe I received transfusions.

Obviously, short clotting ability, any cut can be terrifying. I hope the doctors can figure out why the low blood platelet count.

Good luck.

Best regard,
Various types of anemia cause low blood platelets and/or are a sign or symptom thereof. Something else that cause low blood platelets is leukemia. I agree that "we don't know" is NOT A GOOD ENOUGH ANSWER. There are different types of anemia, some have to be treated inwardly a few weeks or the outcome is not good. If your doctors don't own a solid plan of diagnosing what is wrong, take him to the E.R. of a hospital to a certain extent large contained by size and refuse to cart him home until someone tells you what is wrong beside him. Specifically ask them to rule out all forms of anemia and leukemia, or to put in the picture you what evidence there is that points to the conclusion that this is not something terribly seriously wrong with him. When you ask the doctors to detail you why you shouldn't be alarmed, I think they will switch on to look at this just somewhat more seriously, for fear of a malpractice suit. How's his white blood count? If it's low, I'd really be concerned.
Platelets disappear for one of two reasons--(1) the body does not produce adequate platelets; or (2) the body is destroying the platelets. Since your cousin's platelet levels didn't hold after acceptance platelets, it looks like his body is destroying them. People's immune systems sometimes mistake platelets for an infection, so the platelets obtain killed faster than they are produced. This conditions is call immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). The cause of ITP is unknown. Its not extraordinary for people near ITP to have platelet counts of 6 (which is if truth be told 6,000 per milliliter of blood), or even fewer,

A party with a platelet count of 6 usually have small amounts bleeding under the skin, contained by the urine, and in the mucus lining of the nose and mouth. This type of bleeding is annoying, but not a core health risk. There is a small risk of internal bleeding, next to very low platelet counts, but most ethnic group with intensely low platelet counts don't experience any serious problems because bloodclotting still occurs, but terribly slowly, and most other functions of platelets are also provided to some extent by the blood serum and red blood cells.

I once have a platelet count of zero for a moment or two over a week. I had blood blisters contained by my mouth and on my lips, I have an unstoppable nose bleed, red dots adjectives over my body from bleeding under the skin, and gloom red urine. But I didn't actually perceive bad, and I still go to work.

Since the platelet boost failed, the subsequent thing the doctors requirement to do is administer something to suppress the immune system, and continue to rule out any type of cancer or blood disease beside a few tests. Usually patients are given prednisone or IvIg (immunoglobulin) and if ITP is the result in, the platelets rebound extremely quickly.

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