How do I know my wart are gone?

I had one wart on my foot; I tried cutting it out (it works next to seed warts), but it kept coming back. Now I own like 8 plantar warts on my right foot and they won't progress away!! I've been using salicylic acid solution wart remover with masking cassette for a few weeks now, but I can't tell if my wart are gone. There are still bumps where the warts be, but I feel like I've of late burning through skin now; it hurts enough that I droopy sometimes. What should the spot look like when the warts are gone?

Answers:    This is how I get rid of a wart on my toe-

You get a regular potato, I used a russet. Then you take a potato peeler and trim a little piece off. Then you collect off the white stuff from that peel so that here is hardly any white stuff left, mostly a moment ago the peel. Then you rub the wet side onto your wart. Do this 2 times a time, each time peeling a strange piece off of the same potato. Do not distribute up if it seems like it is worn-out, it took mine 4 weeks to go away! After 3-4 weeks, it will look more like a scab than a wart, afterwards eventually fall off. You will still know how to see it, and it will take a couple more weeks for the scab/scar thing to turn away. When it finally fell off, I took it in my appendage and screamed "YES! MY WART FELL OFF!" to my cousins, in a public park. (hehehe degrading lol) I was so excited, I even called my mom to detail her. If it seems like 4 weeks is mode too long to wait, don't even think almost it-- I had had it for 4-5 months back. It is well worth it and that was 2 years ago and it have never came back! And i would suggest you do not try the duct video thing-- it did not work for me, plus it is annoying to always have a stupid piece of duct video on your foot.

And to answer your 2nd question-- when the wart finally falls off, it looks like an gruesome, nasty crater in your foot. As if you popped a giant pimple. But don't verbs because it will go away eventually.

And as for that expensive wart freezing treatment, it is expensive and I have hear of people who paid a nouns for it and 50% of the time, it comes back.
Plantar warts are a spasm in the foot, for sure.

After trying for a long, long time .. I finally had them frozen rotten to finish them off. They never came pay for.

I would keep applying the wart remover for another week, just to be sure. PS- I enjoy not heard of masking cassette, but duct tape supposedly helps as okay.

If they come back, just fashion an appointment with liquid nitrogen.

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