Why are my vein turning brown?

Since 2004 I noticed that my vein located in my legs turned brown for some basis. It started in my calf nouns but has expanded to the upper leg nouns. I had this on my right leg singular but as years passed now I enjoy them on my left leg as ably. Any clue as to what could be that's causing this? Also since 2004 I've be feeling discomfort when I waddle. Thanks.

U got varicose vein. These are veins that get occlusions along the span of the veins and and so the flow of blood back to the heart is artificial. Common factor here is when the viscosity of the blood is increased. Ur blood became thicker and so the blood cannot flow freely. This happen because of water shortage within the body. When U lack river, the other tissues of the body also gets wet from the bld. So to correct it, take more dampen to hydrate ur body sufficiently. When this occurs, here will be more bld in the vessel and so the blood becomes more diluted and its flow will be easier and free flowing. Do not commit the mistake of taking any fluid surrounded by exchange of water. Coffee, tea, sodas, chocolates and alcoholic beverages are dehydrating substances and will clear ur condition worse and not better.

Take water as follows: Dissolve 1/4 tsp marine salt into 1 quart of dampen. Depending on ur size, take this as follows: 16-24 ounces upon wake up in the morning and at bedtime, 8-16 ounces partially hr before meal and 2 and a half hrs after meal. Take additional 8 ounces when U overhaul urine. If swelling in ur foot occurs, stop the brackish for 2 days and then resume it when the swelling subsides. Salt holds hose and this will help U catch ur body better hydrated.

Together with hose down, take abt 350 mg of magnesium day by day. Magnesium improves the feature of bld vessels as okay as the bld itself. U cld also apply magnesium over the areas where the vein are very prominent. This will aid U resolve their unpleasant looks.
if its red it could be a staff infection but otherwise i dont know you should have asked your doctor when you first started seeing it

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