How do you treat a smashed toenail?

Big toe got smashed and immediately the nail is black. Experiencing greatly of pressure and pain.

You could of late let it alleviate naturally. However, if you are foolhardy, you can CAREFULLY drill a hole in it and permit the pressure from the blood out. Be patient, it's going to thieve the better part of a year for the exotic nail to grow surrounded by underneath it. I still remember the day the prehistoric nail come off. It be great.
The only channel to treat is is with time (to permit it heal itself) and a margarita (for you!).
Make sure it doesn't find infected. If it does seek medical assistance
Make sure it stays verbs. Clean it with alcohol or freshly water and soap day after day. Then just permit it heal fluently.
since it is pain...dun touch it try to exert minimum pressure on the to the doctor immediately make happen the doctor would know what to do best although some may say consent to it heal on its own but seriously its not advisable do it can be dangerous and incentive infection.When there's infection u may have to cut past its sell-by date that toe.I'm not in motion to the doctor immediately there's internal bleeding.....
I smashed a toenail and it come half rotten. I went to emerge at the hospital, where on earth they injected local anasthetic and removed the toenail. It was no biggie! It took just about a day of staying past its sell-by date it, along with some backache, but then heal pretty quickly.

Because the pressure is cause pain, I would suggest that you hold it removed. Ask for a couple of painkillers to tide you over. Then you'll be fine.
I hate to enunciate it but you have to be paid a hole through the nail to capture the blood out therefore relieving the pressure. It hurts I did impossible to tell apart thing. I heated up a hypodermic and pushed it through the nail but the distress went away surrounded by 10 Min's.The nail fell rotten weeks later but it grew put money on.
just hang will do it by itself...but it might take a while

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