Skinned Knee Help!?

Yesterday I skinned my knee riding my dirtbike, in a minute its been more than 24 hours and it still hasnt scabbed. Theres resembling yellow dampen comming out of it. what should I do?

That yellow dampen is like pus it's isn't it? I'd put Bacitracin on it, disinfect it beside either alcohol or some other substance and wear a bandaid for a couple of days. Give it nouns whenever you like survey tv or something that way it have time to dry. When your doing things like dirtbiking wear a bandaid on it. If you still quality kind of iffy afterwards go and see a doctor for more counsel. GOOD LUCK! =)
Clean it with hydrogen peroxide, next put neosporin on the wound, and bandage it. Keep cleaning and shifting the dressing every day until it heal.

Chances are, you have dirt below the skin, and that yellow soft is pus. In other words, the wound is infected.
Debridement (really thorough cleaning) is the most important step contained by taking care of a wound. The washed out fluid coming out sounds like pus, which process the wound is likely infected. It'll hurt, but use a bristle brush to scrub the wound. Clean it really all right with soap and water- cause sure there is no dirt/junk stuck inside the wound. Then put some neosporin on top, and cover near a bandage. Don't grasp it wet for something like 24 hours. After the first 24 hours, there is a restricted layer of skin on top so you can head off the wound open. If you verbs to play in the dirt, cover it near a loose bandage to hold the dirt off. If within is pain, or spreading flush, see your doctor, because you may have gotten a tissue infection and may call for medication/antibiotics.
The "yellow water" is not pus, it's plasma. Keep it verbs, bandage it and use polysporin. You'll be heal in a few days if you hang on to it covered.
i skinned my knee yesterday as very well and everytime i change the bandaid its soaked beside the yellow stuff. I be told that it's just getting rid of infection, though im not sure if this is true, & to redeploy the bandaid every couple of hours, clean it near peroxide, put neosporin on it and then put vasoline because end night i didnt and the gauze be stuck to the scrape when i woke up which be extremely painful getting rotten. i dont know about yours but mine still hurts really discouraging, so good luck!
1. Get a tissue and wipe away the "wan water".
2. Wet cotton balls near hydrogen peroxide and lay it on your knee. It might hurt, but put a ton on.
3. After the white fizz from the hydrogen peroxide go away, put Neosporin on.
4. Get a big Band-Aid.
5. Check the knee regularly and repeat the steps when deem needed.

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