I stomped my big toe and immediately my toenail is turning black. What can I do to treat this?

If this just happen, as in inside a few hours, you can put a hole in the toenail to relieve the pressure and release the blood pooling underneath the nail. You can put a hole within the nail yourself near a heated paper clip. Heat the clip until the winding up glows and apply it to the center of the fastener. You will have to repeat this several times until it melt through the nail. When this happen you will see the blood push up out of the hole. It will not hurt to do this, by the way- the nail have no feeling. As soon as the blood drains the aching will be much relieved. Then simply cover the nail beside a bandaid and leave it alone. Depending on how much of the staple has be lifted past its sell-by date the nail bed below, you may or may not lose the pin completely in the subsequent few weeks or months. A new staple will grow in losing the old one and push it out anyway. Meantime you will own a small hole in it, which won't hurt anything. If you can't put a hole contained by the nail, you can other go to the emergency room. They enjoy the tools to do it properly, and will do much the same entry. It's your call, which you prefer. Afterwards, the toe will hurt and thump smaller amount if you elevate the foot and apply some ice for the first 24 hours. Shoes won't be comfy for in the region of a week, no matter what you do. Sorry, toe injuries lately hurt.
nothing really your toenail will simply fall sour soon
Nothing it will eventually come off and you will go and get a new pin.
cy the best thing to do is to carry to your local doc and get some antibyotics
You obligation to let the toe pin fall sour by itself. Keep the end trimmed so it does not snag on things. I enjoy lost both of my big toe nails at different times. The infirm nail will eventually trip up off as the unusual nail grows surrounded by. Keep the old fastener on to protect the skin underneath the dead fastener protected. Just watch it doesn't become an ingrown toe staple, they are painful and you will involve to see a Podiatrist (foot dr.). This is my past experience and nursing skills. (Not to replace an doctor's advice).
That also happen to me but only within my right thumb.

I didn't do anything, and I just gone it until it turned black. Eventually, it fell off. And, I grew another pin. I don't think there's zilch to worry in the order of.
Your toenail will fall rotten and be replaced by a new one surrounded by about six weeks. You may want to hang on to a bandage or surgical video over the nail to hold on to it from snagging on your socks. (That hurts, too)
Sticking the Nail with a Sterilized Pin,
and letting it bleed alittle would hold
given relief to the blood pushing against
the Nail.

Check next to your Dr next time you shift.
"The MOM" answered you best. I hit my finger once with a sledge hammer. The pain be like a "12" on a 1 to 10 size. Thought I was losing my mind.

My dear old-fashioned Mother took a single edged cut-throat. Gently shaving off small pieces of the fingernail within one single place. Once she broke through the fingernail the "pooling blood" came out and I'm chitchat intant relief.

It's that pressure build up which hurt so fruitless. But the second the blood came out the spasm disappeared. Eventually the fingernail came bad and a new one grew stern.

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