When i drink alcohol my butt hurts the subsequent morning... why does this transpire?

Well, have you thought that possibly, after drinking a certain amount of alcohol, you start falling on your butt, (falling sour bar stools onto your butt, falling past its sell-by date the curb onto your butt, slipping down the wall onto your butt), thus the pain within your butt the next morning.
Now assume deep--where was your butt?? You might be capable of answer your own question.
because you are using the toilet and burning a infallible privte place in the body.
Maybe time to stop.
You might consider lifeless out a different bars, I dream up the ones your drinking in presently may be the "root" cause of your problem.
Please come out of the closet, and stop using alcohal to hair your need, please you will quality less headache later.

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