What is the remedy on 3rd. scope bacon grease burn?

bacon grease went thru my mitt like it be a funnel, i fainted too. it be that bad. i can't stand no size of burn.

you requirement to go to the ER without delay...your risk of infection is incredible...if you think it hurts immediately, just dawdle till it gets infected..righteous luck...tammy
lucky for you, it was a 3rd amount burn. these are painless as all of the skin layer are charred and there are no fortitude endings remaining.. first amount burns -like a sunburn- and 2nd degree (blistering) can be extraordinarily painful.
most grease burns are really painful and can blister which will repeatedly lead to infection. faint is an involuntary response to the shock your body sustained -caused by the initial pain.
seize to the nearest ER asap.
Seek treatment immediately from a doctor. Third point burns are nothing a typical being can handle, due to the huge indiscriminate of infection. Third degree burns typically are straight to the bone. If yours is smaller number than this, apply pure aloe (from plant is best) or a triple antibiotic product, such as Neosporin.
Because I can't "see" burn,its hard to arbiter the degree of the burn etc.You style guru the "degree" of the burn by the layers of skin burned. I can push for that you must keep the nouns very verbs & dry with a gauze dressing ,not a bandaid,put zilch on it except a' "triple antibiotic ointment" ".No butter or other crazy stuff. Watch for sign's of infection,increase in swelling ,drainage, reddness etc.Burns are confidently infected,if you have any problems,se your MD.Take thinking. SW RNP
Put pure aloe on hand afterwards put in case of ice. Go on the double to the ER. They have a "skin" to put on it that alleviates the twinge. Keep clean and dressed.

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