Is demerol as strong or stronger than oxycodone?

i am havig back surgery and hold been taking oxycodone 10/325 but after the surgery they said they'd be giving me demerol while within the hosp. thanks

I would appointment Demerol comparable with the Percocet, possibly a bit stronger. It should keep you markedly comfortable. When I have kidney stones I am usually given Demerol through IV within the hospital and then sent home near the Percocet 10 mgs. They usually give me equal nouns. The Demoral is, however, a very euphoric drug, especially through IV. Many hospitals are going completely Demoral-free for that source. So enjoy your hospital stay. :)

For the answerer above me, you are incorrect. Demorla is an opiod. It is completely synthetic. Percocet is an opiate, it is derived from Thebaine which is one of the alkaloids of the opium poppy. Percocet is a fundamentally strong narcotic and should not be taken lightly. The outstandingly same medication that is within Percocet is in OxyContin. It can be terrifically dangerous and addictive if used unsuitably and should not be dismissed lightly. And, of late as an aside, the pain from experience teeth removal and especially shingles can be extremely severe.
Many people touch that oxycodone is stronger then demerol, but they both work capably for severe pain. demerol Has a better effect on smooth muscle relaxing. I one-sidedly prefer demerol, but everybody is different. If you have a problem near your medication after surgery I'm sure the doctor will change it near no problems.
i think demerol is stronger percocet (oxycodone) make me really sick
demerol is definitely stronger...they make available percocet after wisdom teeth surgery...and for shingles...its not especially strong at all. Demerol is an opiate.
Demerol is stronger. Another drug that can be administered through your IV is Dilaudid. It works better for me than morphine or Demerol and doesn't enjoy the side effects. Morphine makes me itchy and cause involuntary muscle twitches. Discuss pain tablets with your doc since the surgery. Most hospitals want to keep you comfortable. You rest better if you are not in constant misery. I have be in hospitals that do not contribute enough aching med, and I yell until I bring it. Don't suffer in silence. Good luck.
Demerol or Meperidine is slightly weaker than Oxycodone.
However it have a faster onset which is why some empire feel it may be stronger. The down side is it does not later as long 2-3 hours in most individuals.

One thing you should be aware of is long residence use of Demerol can raise your risk of seizure and other adverse effects due to the build up of it's metabolite Norpethidine.
Due to this most ERs and Hospitals are discontinuing it's use. Your doctors should be aware of this fact and in attendance shouldn't be any issues but it is something you should be informed of.

Good luck with your surgery and if you do hold an issues with throbbing control do not be afraid to let your doctors know.

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