Electrocuted, shocked?

Just a few minutes ago I was removing a plug from a socket, and the metal slice of the plug made contact with my palm and shocked it, it wasnt a big shock but it be stronger than those static shocks you get when its really hot.

Does getting shocked affect you within any way?

What type of outlet? 110 volts or 220 volts? A regular outlet that you can plug your computer into, is 110 volts and it is usually more insecure than 220 volts. Why? Because the 110 volts usually makes your fingers curl contained by to grab, to some extent than pushing you off close to 220 volts. As far as damage, one time, isn't going to do anything... but it can caues your heart rate to increase for for a moment while. Water increases the shock, and makes the shock worse. I've be shocked once, at the age of 25 when I was varying a ivory switch to white. I told my father to turn off the breaker for the outlets within the room. We had wired the switch from a hot leg from the outlet because it be a last minute supply in, and the breaker box be all the track on the other end of the house. My father told me it be ok, and when I unscrewed the screws from the plastic box, and grab the switch I cursed, screamed, sit on the floor and began to breath pouring. It was already over 90 degree outside and I was sweaty. My arm from my departed hand fingers to my heart feel numb for about 15 minutes, as if I have fallen asleep on them. After that I be good to jump.
If everything seems fine, you should be fine. Maybe put rather ice on the burn.

My AC element had to be repaired just now and the guy working on it got shocked big time while he be doing it - and aside from letting out a few four letter words when it happen, he seemed fine and shrugged it past its sell-by date. A guy in that corral outta know if it would be dangerous... Anyway, that's more or less all I know just about it! You should be fine!
No, it just give you a nice big jolt! If you have been electrocuted, the electricity would enjoy probably exited another part of your body, your insides would touch like they be on fire (internal burns) and you wouldn't be here on the computer asking because you would probably hold been knock unconscious. Electrocution cause massive burns and extreme pain. You may surface a bit tingly where you be shocked but if the skin is okay (no burns or broken, bleeding skin) and you're not feeling any after effects, you should be fine.
Are you afire?
No, seriously, the type of shock you received is not harmful and shouldn't affect you within any way excluding, perhaps, anyone more careful contained by the future. Be glad your paw wasn't wet!

I accidentally touched the electrical socket when I be 9 and I will never forget that feeling or the sparks that come out of the wall. Ouch.

If you actually own a burn on your hand, treat it resembling any other burn. First use ice or cold dampen, then put a lubricant cream like neosporin, lansinoh, or some spsecialized burn cream, later cover it and wrap your hand to hold it covered. Do this daily or even a few times a hours of daylight if you need to for comfort. Try to maintain it open and dry at hours of darkness for the aiir to heal it. It may blister and that's OK; however, if it blistered right away, after you should go to the doctor right away.

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