Can your feces come out of your mouth?

It is very singular. but in extreem cases of bowel hindrance it is possible for the Gastro - intestional contents tomove upward and out.....
Very very uncommon. Usually the bowel ruptures before that.

I really don't make out the people who vote no because they don't know a thing in the region of this. Please, when it comes to important things close to this, don't give your assessment, because unless you are in the medical grazing land you most likely are wrong.
no, i am pretty sure it can't. hope this help. good luck.
Please communicate me this isn't happening to you! I own to know. Is it really? e-mail me or ask another question please!!
Thats a chance question...but unless you first put the feces within your mouth and then spit it out, cant come out of your mouth.
eww noo
yes it is possible but particularly unlikely. a stricture in your bowel could wreak you to vomit fecal matter. forcing it to do a 180 and team leader back the means of access it came surrounded by. I have hear of cases of it . it is sometimes refured to as miserere.
yes it can!!!!! i know someone it happened to!!!!!!! they be really sick and almost died their intestines were back up and the feces were funding up it filled up his stomach and the one and only place it can go is up and he threw up feces alot he have to be cleaned out and he almost died

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