How can I stop throwing up if I hold have too much alcohol to drink?

My fiance' just get back from her bachelorette event, and she drank too much. This is the first time she has ever be drunk, and I am not a big drinker myself. How can I help her stop throwing up?

I am not asking for relationship suggestion.
I am not asking for what to do before you start drinking.
I am asking what do I do right immediately.
How do I help her very soon that she is sick, and throwing up?
I will report any answers who are not answering my actual question.
Thank you.

First piece she needs if she have thrown up alot is water! She is desiccated, and she needs particularly little sips of water at a time. If she throws up the sea, it is time to go to the ER. It sounds resembling there is a possibility of alcohol poisoning. If she doesn't drink much, and she drank too much, she could be within big trouble.
Do this test to see if you should thieve her to the ER. Get a measuring cup (you can find one resting on a cough syrup bottle even). Give her 1 tablespoon of water every minute or two. If after 15 minutes she hasn't thrown that up, after you might be in the clear. If inside 15 to 30 minutes she throws up the water, clutch her to the Emergency Room immediately. She may own gotten way too thirsting for you to do anything, she needs an IV.
drink milk ....and it will stop.
I don't devise she can stop.That's just what happen naturally when you drink too much....
Gatorade or some other sports drink next to potassium supplementation. If you can't get that later sips of warm hose with some sugar added. Also try to bring her to stay covered up, especially her feet.
Let her throw up...she requirements to get it out of her system and she'll touch better.

Make sure she gets satisfactory hydration...she should take sips of hose or gatorade if she can.

Tomorrow: the world's best hangover cure is Mexican food. I don't know why, but it works.

I hope she feels better soon.
resourcefully, since alcohol is flammable, have her swallow a lit game, or anything on fire. this will burn the alcohol out and simply evaporate!
There is nil you can do.sorry. However if she drank enough to carry alcohol poisoning you may want to get her to the emergency room.
milk will trade name it worse,
my dad told me that when he used
to get dried up in the morning. He would
crack and egg and drink it organic. Not kidding
its the best remedy, he never threw up or
feel bad. try it.
you can't really stop it. puking is the body's opening of telling her she shouldn't drink that much. adjectives you can do really is help bring in her comfortable and she don't puke in her hackle etc
get her to put away food! ummm lots of crackers are the best, and water.
nought let her continue it out. if she starts puking in her sleep telephone call the ambulance.

chances are she wont even remember puking within the morning. feed her some bread and pass her plenty of water
try putting a cold washcloth on her herald and make sure she have her eyes open...sitting up...that opening it eases the risk of the room spinning. only just stay by her side and help her through it. not much you can really do, unless you reason that she has alcohol poisoning...if specifically the case-take her to the emergency room
The only agency to not throw up is to not drink so much. Throwing up is your body's way of recitation you that it can't handle that much alcohol. Your body requests to get it out of your system. There's zilch else you can do. Vomit and hangovers are a quantity of getting drunk. You'll just hold to get through it, and review how much alcohol you body can handle.
the interrupt is pretty much already done. you could try sprite .. and an antinasiea like pepto .. and a bucket ..

hope she feel better. :)
Again, there is nought you can do other than agree to it run its course. Some Pepto Bismol will help once she is done.

How plentiful times are you going to ask this question?
you can't. it's the pure way to bring back the toxic out of her system. let her drink lots of juice so she won't get dried up. she can probably take aspirin so her go before won't hurt (make sure she's not allergic to aspirin). maek her drink black coffee (no sugar) to wake her up a bit, if important.
Good Luck. It does depend on what she was drinking but an alka seltzer past bed and keeping another glass of it beside ice by her bedside to drink during the hours of darkness will reduce tart as well as provide some nouns from the dehydration and head soreness that is bound to follow.

If she really drank too much as contained by alcohol poisoning, (10 plus drinks)it is best for her to puke then steal alka seltzer.
Your body can only touch so much alcohol before it begin to poison the system...Throwing up is the body's way of good itself. She's got to draw from it out of her system or she could be more seriously harmed. Give her water to drink so she stays hydrated and help with flushing the system.
It's certainly better to let her barf it adjectives up.
It will get the booze out of her system so she won't hold to process it, it's a good point.

If it is really really bad you may want to consider calling poison control or taking her contained by to emergency, every now and consequently people do die from alcohol poisoning, but they would enjoy to really have drank abundantly.

I suggest get her to drink hose, it will keep her hydrated and dispense her fluid in her system to barf up and maintain her from getting dry heaves, which are really wicked.

If it's rather continuous or sudden, you may want to rob a blanket and pillow into the bathroom for her, and try to keep her verbs.

Good luck.

ps - just read through other stuff above - DON'T make available her milk, it can curdle and things will get much worse and she will surface worse. Just water, zilch else that will make her system do any work.
Not much you can do to stop her from throwing up. Throwing up is a goo article if you have have a few too many. It will label her feel a great deal better and sober her up a bit. You usually stop throwing up after a few minutes. As long as she is coherrent an aware, she should be ok. (keep an eye on her when she falls asleep, sometimes people exceed out and throw up while sleeping, it is a choking hazard).

tell her to drink some wet and when she is done throwing up, drink more water and bring like 3 ibuprofin. that will help out with the hangover.
Dude, you can't do much but save her company. Her puking will stop soon. She may need sips of hose afterwards but believe me, nothing will stop it. It wishes to come out. If she stops and she wants a cup of herbal tea near honey, that will may help her be aware of better. Hope this helps.
I am tremendously much concerned about you my friend. I enjoy experienced it before. My cousin find a hand towel soaked it surrounded by warm sea just satisfactory to be tolerated and place it on her face. Do it until she get better or until she got asleep.
Well you can take a wet cloth , that will help out a little. Then hold her nibble on some saltine crackers and if you enjoy it give her a little 7 up at a time. Don't tolerate her have alot at a time because it will fashion it worse. And you can go to a drug store and go and get Dramamine , i know it sounds crazy but it helps alot when you are throwing up and own an upset stomach. I hate to be the one to relay you but thats about adjectives you can do but to be there for her and enjoy some extra strength Tylenol and some 7 up ready for her when she wake up in the morning. One more entry you could try is have her bite on some bread that helps soak up the alcohol . I hope that help you ! good luck and i hope she feel better in the subsequent day or two.
to be not dangerous, take her to the ER for IV fluids and meds.
Plain toast explicitly slightly burnt is the icky but trouble-free way. Also, water-based soups such as Chicken Broth give support to settle it. Make sure she also drinks something to restore the elecrolytes that are lost from throwing up. Some good suggestions are: Capri Sun Sport, Vitamin Water, or Gatorade.

The all-purpose rule , if you don't have the above items, is

A) Something to sop up the bleak liquid (i.e. slightly adjectives toast, plain unsalted crackers, plain biscuits (not butermik), plain crutons, etc)

B)Something to water it adjectives down (i.e. a water-based soup, a lot of rime water, sucking on rime cubes, plain shaved ice, cooled and watered down tea, skim milk, etc)

C) Lastly, something to restore the elecrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients lost from the body (i.e. a sports drink resembling: Gatorade, Capri Sun sport, vitamin water, etc)

Good Luck and obtain well soon

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