What are some treatments for foot that are swollen from sunburn?

I was at the shoreline this past weekend and forgot to put sunscreen on my legs and foot. They got burned and are really red and swollen. I enjoy been putting aloe gel on the burns but does anyone hold any ideas to downsize the swelling?

This actually freshly happened to me a week ago, and it be terribly stinging, so I totally empathize beside you!

I got mine to alleviate up quickly by doing the following:

- Apply aloe vera gel RELIGIOUSLY...I'm chitchat every fifteen minutes if you can. For burning/itch relief, try keeping your aloe vera contained by the fridge.
- Apply an ice pack for ten minutes at a time...ten minutes on, ten minutes stale...for an hour. I used the freezer packs that step in your lunch pod wrapped in a soft washcloth to avoid a drippy mess.
- Avoid wearing anything constricting on your foot...i.e. tight socks, high heels, etc. What worked best for me be a pair of Old Navy plain flip flops one size bigger than usual so that the T-strap didn't verbs into my feet.
- I found that taking fluid Benadryl brought the swelling down a lot. You can also purchase Benadryl surrounded by a pill or spray form. I also used the spray on my burns and it worked very economically also.
- Keep your feet up and stay bad of them as much as possible.

Hope you're feeling better soon! :)
Try placing damp tea bags on them.
transport some ibuprofen and get some ladacane (or anything beside lidocaine in it to stop the burning)
drink plenty of fluids use calamine on the skin hang on to feet cool and sheltered.raise foot up above your heart level to relief rid the swelling you can use pillows etc.
been raining here contained by uk some of the day,see our weathr sucks.you get lucky!
Soak your feet surrounded by Epsom salt, give somebody a lift an oatmeal bath..merely dump some oatmeal in the tub near tepid hose down, get contained by and soak for a bit, let yourself nouns dry.
That's real bumpy. Keep your feet elevated and stay sour your feet as much as possible. Use plenty of Ibuprofen and a table lamp aloe spray. Some "remedies" harden on your burning skin and clear it worse. I live in Florida and see this adjectives the time. If it's real desperate, your doctor might give you some Prednisone to give a hand with the swelling.
Mix equal parts of antibiotic cream, aloe vera gel and hydrocortizone cream and apply to foot. My doctor told me about this remedy years ago and it works powerfully. Of course there is no on the spot cure as the swelling and burn need time to restore to health.
Wow, I know how bad that can hurt! First, you obligation to decide if the blush is spreading. If it is you could have an infection along beside your burn. If that is the defence then you involve to get to your doctor ASAP. Other signs of an infection would be nausea, chills, frenzy, faintness, extensive blistering, nonspecific weakness, patch of purple discoloration, or intense itching. If you do not have any of these signs, later you can continue the aloe gel, try soaking surrounded by cool water approx. 10-15 at a time, apply antibiotic liniment after soaking and take 800 mg Ibuprofen (that's four (4) 200 mg tablets) every 6-8 hours. This will aid with the distress and help beside the swelling by reducing the inflammation. Also, elevate, elevate, elevate.while you rest! Good luck!

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