Why does my asshole hurt (literally!)?

so, i don't know what the deal is. This have happened formerly where my asshole suddenly feel really sore. I'm a male and DONT enjoy anal sex (lol). This is something that occurs intrinsically. This has happen a couple times in the recent past but I haven't gone to a doctor b/c I'm embarrased and I don't want to show myself in that nouns.

Basically, there's an irratated area that protrudes above the skin that burns/annoys me.

What's going on here?

PS- I of late started riding a motorcycle so maybe that have something to do w/ it?

Just because your a male how do we know you don't enjoy anal sex. Maybe your gay and don't want to admit it ?
Just kid, maybe riding your fresh bike is messing with you. It will probably shift away but if it don't go to a doctor out of town to mark out the embarr-***-ment.
u have a unthinking prolly
maybe you own to take a crap??
It's a hemorrhoid. See your doctor and quit pushing so unyielding.
Sounds like hemorrhoids, a.k.a. piles. If they win bad satisfactory you can have them treated, but they are more of an annoyance than a true strength problem.

Preparation H or equivalent can help a great deal in easing the discomfort. Also, check out your motorcycle seat--you might obligation to shop around for one that gives you better support.
Perhaps you enjoy a Prolapsed Colon. See a Doctor.
Ouch...sounds like hemmroids sweetie. Get some hemmroidal cream...and you may enjoy to pay for an bureau call, if it persist. Good luck.
Hate to break it to ya, but you'll probably need to progress to the doctor.

Could be hemorrhoids, an anal fissure (which can just be from pooping, not from buggering!), or a moment ago about any antediluvian thing.

Good luck!
possibly u took a dump, and perhaps it be larger than ur asshole, and it could've made a hemmoroid.
Is the pain inside the hole? I no its an weird question, but if it is, consequently it might be a hemroid. Ive had duplicate pain. For me, it feel like my heartiness just get drained when the pain come, I didnt feel approaching standing, or sitting, or lying down even, I just tried to stir to the bathroom. Trust me, the pain possibly bad presently, but once that thing comes out, and pops, the twinge will quadruple!
Do you have callouses on your heels?
According to foot reflexology, the skin on the heels (bottom & edge) must be soft for the reflex to the anus (found at the circle around the bottom, border of the heels) to transmit blood and energy. I get hemorrhoids after callouses formed on the bottom of my heels from standing all light of day. They went away after the tough skin be removed.
Weird but true.
My brother-in-law has this problem. They told him he have CRONES disease. Hemorrhoids could be it or boils/cyst. PLEASE SEE A DR>>>>>>>>>>>>>
love yourself

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