How do I know if my eye contacts are put on the right side?

How do I know if the right side is facing outwards when I put on my eye contacts? And are there any severe damages to the eye that the contacts can do if put on the wrong side?

if you put contained by your contacts and they arent in correctly they will usually hurt or leak out. the best way to formulate sure they are being put surrounded by the correct way is to put some saline solution contained by the palm of your hand and put your contact surrounded by there and enlarge and close your hand a few times, if its the incorrect bearing, the contact will flip to the right direction. as for any severe damages to the eye, i do not know, i have put my contacts contained by the wrong way masses times and my eyes are fine.
I'm sure you'll know if you put your contacts in facing the wrong instrument. I've done it before and it feel like the lens desires to pop back out again and run the right way. Trust me, you will unequivocally feel it if it's wrong.
roughly when you have it on your finger it should form aperfect 'bowl' shape. If it's inside out in attendance will be a lip aorund the edge of the lens.

When you put it contained by your eye, it may feel smaller amount comfortable than when it is the right way round but otherwise in that wont be much difference. and No it will NOT cause any break to the surface of the eye by wearing it inside out.

If you have difficuklty ask your optician for a picnic basket case as unwilling a flat case, that mode whenyou put the lenses in the grip youcan take them out exactly one and the same way.
Are you conversation about if they're put within "inside out"? Because if so, then they would itch close to hell when they're in. But if you haven't put them surrounded by yet, afterwards just put it on your finger and there's a "lip" after its inside out. it should look like a bowl, variety of

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