How can I let somebody know if my wrist is fractured or sprained?

I fell yesterday, It doesn't hurt when it's just settin nearby normal, but when I verbs is about 90* to any side it hurts really bad

The ONLY passageway to know for sure if something is broken, aka fractured, is to get a radiogram (X-ray).
You should stir to a doctor and get it looked at. There probably isn't any course you can tell for sure in need a doctor.
the only style to know is to go to the doctor
if it hurts surrounded by the bone, that would be the first sign. press on the bone, not hard, but to see if it feel intact. it would cause sharp discomfort to press into the bone. also, if it is swollen, that is also a sign of fracture. swelling collectively goes away once the fracture is almost heal. if it's not swollen, it's most likely not broke, but if it concerns you, you should travel have it X-rayed.
it's tricky to tell. i've have my right wrist sprained and fractured before and they both pretty much looked alike (swelled up and deformed in a path.) it's most likely in recent times sprained if you didn't fall too tricky or put too much weight on it when you fell.

progress to the doctor to get it checked up next to some x-rays. that's the best way to find out. you don't want your appendage growing in a different direction.
u prolly purely sprained it. when u fell did u hear a crack? i broke my two bones in my forearm close to my wrist and i clearly hear a huge crack and so did the guy that fell my making me fall. i reflect on that if you would have fractured it you would have a feeling some kind of backache constantly, as i did and it would have swullen by presently, mine swelled in 15 minutes but approaching i said i completly broke both bones but still its prolly just sprained. rime it and lay off the used of it as much as possible.
Well it is probably not fractured because that would raison d`¨ētre a lot of dull pain. it could be sprained. the best thing to do is to see a doctor.
If you fractured your wrist I regard that you would not be able to move it at adjectives. Anyway I think that you should move about to the doctor and have them check it out.
my daughter did one and the same thing! She fell on the playground at academy. It didn't hurt except when the moved it up and down, like she be waving, get an x-ray done, she had a compression fracture! She caught herself near her hands when she fell. I would advocate you to get an x-ray done as soon as you can, if it is fractured, once it starts health-giving, it's harder to fix.
See a doctor.
once i threw something and i snapped my wrist.
it's not fun.
i would go seize xrays to make sure in the order of everything inside your body.
i could move my wrist a little but not much,
so if you can't move it alot next i would say it is probally broken.
if the hospital tell you that it is not broken then wrap it..
if it still hurts and bruised and swelled up consequently go see another doctor they could update you different.

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