Can you break your kneecap?

it hurts and i either seriously injured it counterbalance lifting or broke it? what should i do?

The kneecap (the patella) is a triangular bone at the front of the knee. Several tendons and ligaments connect to the kneecap, including ones attached to the upper leg (femur) and lower leg (tibia) bones.

Though the kneecap is not required for walking or bending your leg, it makes your muscles more simplified and absorbs much of the stress between the upper and lower portions of the leg. Climbing stairs and squatting can put up to seven times your majority body weight on the kneecap and the common behind it.

The kneecap can fracture within many ways: in part or completely or into only a few or into frequent pieces. Sometimes when the kneecap is fractured, the ligaments or tendons attached to it can be sprained or torn.

Symptoms of a Kneecap Fracture
Symptoms may include:

Severe pain contained by and around the kneecap
Pain when moving the knee contained by both directions
Difficulty extending the leg or doing a straight-leg raise
A deformed appearance of the knees due to the fractured pieces
Tenderness when pressing on the kneecap
go to the doctor.
shift get an x beam and see if you popped it or broke it
Yes, you can break your patella, ou should go to er, or doc. Since it's a holiday weekend, i'd say-so the ER.
yes you can but it involved blunt force to the knee trilby.sounds like though you pulled some tendons as to be precise usually what happens from solidity lifting.

Go to the is better to be safe than a friend of mine say..."Be careful near your knees you will miss them one day"
Yes you can break it. i would go to the doctor or hospital asap!
Head to the Hospital!
sounds similar to you tore the cartilage in yor knees, if you were lifting weights.
And yes you can break the knees cap it's a bone resembling any other.
Yes you sure can. It's called the "Patella". It hurts resembling H__L. Weight lifting, you may have pulled a ligament. Ben Gay and a heating wipe.quick...
goto hospital and find it checked out
The kneecap can be broken like any other bone. Get someone to bring you to a Doctor's bureau. Since today is Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday you may have to move about to the ER for X-rays.
Many people own snapped their kneecap in two.
You would know if you broke it, you probly wudnt know how to walk, solely in unusual cases of broken knee cap can you walk. Even if you dont presume its broken see a doctor beecause you probly injured it in some opening.
You might have broken it; possibly you should go draw from it checked out at the doctors?
But I think you would be capable of tell if you broke your kneecap, you would be surrounded by a hell-like pain and not know how to walk if you did break it, which is possible because any bone contained by your body can break.
go to your doctor it is possilble to brake it but occasional to brake it in partly maybe you pulled something you can shift itbut since its a bone it can brake but its better to see your doctor and bring back x-rays and get some doctors warning with the tablets
get thee to an er and return with an exray! My husband has steel pins put within. It was messed up cartiledge and he say you probobly tore your cartilege. cortizone shot may help also, but you involve an osteopath(bone doc) after holiday.
an acl injury can feel close to you broke the knee boater. to diagnose, you will need to see your doctor and he/she will possible refer to a radiologist to get an mri.

you should definetly see your doctor if the dull pain is severe.
Yes you can break a knee boater, but it is not likely that lifting weights broke it. There are ligaments underneath your knee hat that can be torn easily lifting weights, see a doctor/specialist give or take a few it, in the indicate time stay off it, apply cold pack. The down side is that it might hurt the rest of your life, even if you own it repaired!
go to the Dr and achieve a x-ray.
If you can walk on it, strap it firmly but not too tight, so that you restrict the competence to bend, and go see a doctor.

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